Taking Care of Business in Redmond

Taking Care of Business in Redmond

Has the picture of what living your best life looks like become a little fuzzy? Get a clearer image and improved outlook when you make your move to Alexan Marymoor. Come feel the unmistakable quality of genuine luxury. Life is too short to settle for an approximation of happiness. Spice up your joy with three essential ingredients; a beautiful place to live, surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood, filled with things and people that you love. Enjoy luxury apartment features that make coming home your favorite part of the day. Nothing says luxury cannot make your life easier. Find the floorplan and layout that speaks to you and what you want your daily life to be like. Share your good fortune with the people you love, especially the ones on four legs. Community amenities like these are for sharing and socializing. Come and get the life you really want right here.

Taking Care of Business

Some very familiar brand names have had very humble beginnings in garages. But if your million-dollar idea does not have a garage to live in, take heart, you still have all the tools you need for success. Although possession of a garage was probably not the main ingredient for success at Amazon and HP, having the right space to work and present ideas were essential. Although working from home can conjure ideas of endless days of typing in your pajamas and never having to comb your hair again, what happens when it is time to share your work? If you shudder at the idea of hosting potential investors on your beanbag furniture, then hold your meeting in the sophisticated collaboration room. Take advantage of this sleek but functional space. Beautiful and comfortable surroundings have a tendency to open hearts and minds, and maybe wallets. Enjoy freedom and work at ease.

Taking care of business in Redmond has never been easier, especially when you live at Alexan Marymoor. Discover a home you will want to savor every day and share.

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