Flying in the Night near Redmond


Ziplining is already an activity built for the brave and daring. After all, in most cases you’re suspended from the air from several feet, zooming past a beautiful urban or natural landscape at moderate speeds and feeling the wind rush all around you. So, with that in mind, can you imagine how different it would be to zipline during the pitch black of night? Thankfully, here at Alexan Marymoor, you don’t have to imagine it.

For a limited time, the Bellevue Zip Tour will feature a special Zip Scare Night Tour on the last two weekends of October, perfect for those looking for a unique thrill this Halloween. Their night runs are open from 6-7:45p, with tours open every fifteen minutes for each of their three ziplines. Wander from platform to platform and enjoy a beautiful yet haunting spectacle of neon lights and decorations, and then hold on for dear life as you zip through the darkness, where any kind of ghoul or creature could await in the depths of the woods. Kids at least nine years old and up are encouraged to join the fun, so long as minors are accompanied by an adult for the duration of the tour. Reservations can be made online and on the phone in advance, and it’s recommended that you dress for the weather; after all, the temperatures can get quite chilly during the autumn evenings.

Fly like a bat this Halloween here at Alexan Marymoor. Explore our luxury apartments in Redmond and the Bellevue Zip Scare Night Tour this October.

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