Energetic Exercising in Our Redmond Apartment Community

Exercise isn’t the easiest task in the world, nor should it be. A good exercise makes you sweat, consistently push your physical limits, and overtime improves your state of body and mind. Our luxury apartment community at Alexan Marymoor allows you to work out smart, not hard, thanks to our health-conscious features and our welcoming environment.

To begin with, our state-of-the-art fitness center is the perfect venue for any workout, whether you’re just breaking out of your couch potato habits or you’re the master of leg day. We have some of the best cardio and strength training equipment to maximize your results, including treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and free weights. There’s also plenty of open space for body exercises, perfecting yoga poses, or...

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Redmond Washington Apartments

Redmond Washington Apartments Full of Fun and Function

The ideal lifestyle should encourage a person to work hard and constantly improve on their skills and knowledge, without working so hard as to feel deflated and unable to enjoy the moments of peace in between shifts....

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B7: Magnificence in Our Two Bedroom Apartment Paradise

Any home can be made magnificent with the right touch of creativity and effort, but thankfully all our luxury apartments at Alexan Marymoor help you along that path. Whether you need a simple studio to save on your...

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Delightful Burger & Beer in Redmond

There is no entrée quite as world-renown and American as the classic cheeseburger. It’s easy to eat thanks to its compact design, easy to enjoy thanks to its great combinations of flavors, and relatively easy to cook so long as you have patience and a taste for the right seasoning on the grill. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Marymoor put you close to some of the best burger joints and...

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Redmond apartment community

A Serene Escape in Our Redmond Apartment Community

Peace should be more than just a luxury; it should be a right. Everyone deserves a break from their hectic schedules, to simply look around them and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings and the comfort of your...

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