Beautiful Brunch at Pomegranate Bistro

Beautiful Brunch at Pomegranate Bistro

Stop your search for the perfect brunch and enjoy Pomegranate Bistro. The best part of moving to a new city is finding all the things you love. Dining is no exception. Better still, Pomegranate Bistro is your one-stop-shop for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Discover what dining and relaxing is all about. Take your out of town guests here, and they won’t be disappointed. Your new home at Alexan Marymoor is just down the street from your new favorite brunch spot. These luxury apartment homes have what you need to live comfortably. Luxury apartment features are in every floorplan and layout – choose the design you love. Community amenities make relaxing with neighbors stress-free. Indoor and outdoor social spaces nurture your sense of community and...

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apartment community

A Natural Paradise in Our Redmond Apartment Community

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our smartphones, in our social media, in our work cubicles, in our cars, or even in our own homes that we can forget to stop and smell the flowers, literally or figuratively....

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Redmond Apartments Cozy for All Occasions

True, every person may have different needs, different preferences, and even different attitudes, but everyone deserves to have a home that’s perfectly fit for them. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Marymoor feature...

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two bedroom Redmond apartments

B9: Bountiful Two Bedroom Redmond Apartments

Some of the best things come in pairs: two lovers devoted to each other, a pair of your favorite work or dance shoes, two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, and of course the ever-helpful BOGO sale. Here at Alexan...

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Flying in the Night near Redmond

Ziplining is already an activity built for the brave and daring. After all, in most cases you’re suspended from the air from several feet, zooming past a beautiful urban or natural landscape at moderate speeds and feeling the wind rush all around you. So, with that in mind, can you imagine how different it would be to zipline during the pitch black of night? Thankfully, here at Alexan...

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